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structure of a song (examples)
This section features a musical piece which is broken down into parts to better describe its structure.

Listen to the intro of the song
this is interesting because ut contains the guitar riff.

Listen to the chorus of the song
As we have said in the previous lesson, many songs start with a chorus right after the intro

Listen to a solo/build
This short solo is played on the verse line and is opened by a build (the guitar riff played solo to create a feeling of 'suspension')

Listen to the outro of the song
in this case the outro is a chorus which has an abrupt ending

We are currently looking for other songs that we could use for this purpose, so if you are a song writer and would like to give us a license for the use of one or more of your songs for the website, it'd be great.

The songs may contain elements such as clips, or beeps or other noises, or they may be available at a lesser quality, so that the download of them for the educational purpose could not be considered a substitute for a commercial purchase.

Obviously the songs will be fully credited to their copyright owners.

If you are interested please write to to apply.