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who smacked your pitch up? is the result of more than two years' work by the following people: they are young graduates, researchers, professional or academics in the Creative Media field, whose fresh energies will definitely make them able of significantly contributing to their field of studies.

Guido Tattoni

Researcher, concept designer, executive producer

The original developer of the program and the author of the whole curriculum. Guido Tattoni has a solid academic background, having achieved a first class BA Hons. in Recording Arts and having further developed his studies at Masters level (Creative Media Practice). He is currently Academic Director of SAE Institute Milan. His research interests span through all fields of application of audio and sound as a mean of communication and reach all Creative Media. He taught programs related to audio and the Creative Media at University level in Italy, Australia and the UK. Apart from his academic career, he is also a professional in the audio field, a studio owner and a freelance engineer. His future projects include continuing his researches at Doctorate levels.

Christian Descher

PHP Guru

Christian Descher developed the Backbone of His contribution to the project has been invaluable: The whole database and php scripts structure was specifically designed for this project. An experienced webdesigner and PHP programmer based in Austria, he now works for Herold Business Data GmbH (the Austrian YellowPages publisher) as graphic designer and coordinator for inhouse graphics. In private he also work as freelancing webdesigner and webdeveloper - together with a couple of friends - under the name You can see more of his works here

Laurel Barickman

Graphic Designer

Born in the deserts of New Mexico and now residing next to the vast ocean that meets Australia, Laurel is currently in the process of completing two degrees; a Bachelors of Digital Media and a Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in Digital Filmmaking. A talented filmmaker, an artist whose fields of activity span from visual arts to painting to video, Laurel Barickman is also an excellent graphic designer. She designed the graphic interface of the website, merging beauty, simplicity and usability. A modern artist whose carachter and unconventionality can be admired here

The following is a hopefully complete list of other people who have been important to the project (the list is still being updated... sorry if you can't read your name yet...):

Prof. Michael Bridger, Prof. Clive Pascoe, Peter and Rachael [for the website's name and all the rest...], Guy Chandler, Christian de Haas [Fuzzy...], Renè Ferm, and the rest of SAE Byron Bay Staff, Marco Bettelli, Rudi Grieme, Ivan Tonucci [the sound finder], Andrea Maccone, Pierpaolo Merlo, Stefano Pinzi, Leonardo Bruno, Marco Peretti, Emiliano Alborghetti, and the rest of SAE Milan Staff, Brett Radisich, James Boundy and everyone who spent some time in testing the website and giving feedback, the 20 guinea-pigs SAE Milan's AEPF0906 students who agreed to test the system [and now got a pair of trained ears], the additional SAE Milan's AEPF0107 Students who tested it against other products, Steven van Leeuwen of, Inc, Fabio Fatuzzo [flags images]. Many other people helped us out on a more personal side of the project, you can read our big thenk you to them on the research papers.